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A premium football betting site that that offers tips, data, and betting strategy

Football Betting Tips

Football Betting Tips

It’s time to stop betting on a hunch to make the game “interesting”.

Every single tip we provide is backed by statistics. Bet with confidence knowing that each tip has 80% or higher probability of hitting.

We offer tips on: EPL, Bundesliga, Italy Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, Brazil Serie A, Argentina Primera Division, and MLS.

Football Data

 Do you like researching data for yourself? We got you covered.

Get access to three types of data sources: head to head, current season, and team vs group.

For example, how does Chelsea play against bottom 4 sides? Team vs group answers this question.

No other site offers this type of custom data and you’d be surprised to see the trends that you’ll uncover.

Football Betting Data
Football Betting Strategy

Betting Strategy

What site out there teaches you a proper betting strategy? None.

An important battle that many punters lose is controlling emotions, especially how to bounce back after a loss.

We have standardized a process that promotes disciplined and now we want to teach this system to punters around the world.

What makes Life of a Punter right for you?

You Want to Win Long Term

If you’re looking to get rich overnight, we aren’t for you. But if you follow our structured method and graduated staking strategy, you will profit over a whole season. This is our guarantee to you.

You Want Tips, Rationale, and Data

Most tipsters give you tips but no rationale. Others give you free data but you can’t customize them and often come with too many ads. We provide tips and rationale every match day. Don’t like one of our tips? Use our DIY data to research your own tips.

You Need a Strategy

What tipster or football betting site actually teaches you a proper betting strategy? None. Get a proper betting strategy and we help you monitor your progress throughout the season. It’s our commitment to help you become a profitable punter.

Ready to Become a Profitable Punter?

We guarantee profits over a full season, or you get your money back.